Pretty weird word, right?  Well, it changed my life.

Many years ago, while working as an outside sales representative for a cell phone dealership, I was told of a lady locally who is an Herbalist/Iridologist that can look in your eyes and tell you what supplements you need to take.  And, I was told, "if you do what she tells you to do - you will feel 100% better in no time".  I have always been very interested in nutrition, herbs, and natural healing - which I believe all go hand in hand.  And, I had always wanted to meet a "Real" herbalist, so I pursued.

I met Carol, and learned that she was introduced to Iridology in her own pursuit for direction and healing for the colon cancer she was dealing with.  It was the tool that showed her the areas she needed to focus on supporting in order to help her body to heal.  She said that during her journey, she made a promise to God that if He spared her life so she could raise her children, she would make it her life's purpose to help others.  So she went on to study and learn.

She blew my mind with the assessment she did on my eyes.  It seemed like she nailed every one of my ailments, and made so many things make perfect sense.  I walked out her door determined to follow her recommendations, and it really did change my life.  I became so fascinated with Iridology,  that I wanted to learn it.  Carol tried to teach me some, but she was so busy with her own practice she suggested I go to the school she went to - and in July 2002, I was certified as a "Master Iridologist".

Iridology is the science of interpreting the various colors and markings within the iris and sclera of the eye. It has been practiced by Doctors and Laymen in several countries for over 100 years. Bernard Jenson was the most well known Iridologist in the US, and his work and findings have been taught and utilized world wide. 

While there are many conflicting writings about Iridology, I personally believe that is due to the fact that people are trying to make it something that it is not.  They want it to work like a blood test or MRI, to give you a cut and dry diagnosis.  That is not what Iridology is about.  The iris, like a thumbprint - is completely unique.  Much of what is found in the iris is formed in the first two years of life.  Therefore, there is a lot to be determined regarding the functional strengths and weaknesses you were born with.  According to Toni Miller, a well known Iridologist from Australia, the constitution found in an iris is determined and passed down by the past 3 generations.  A basic rule for natural healing is that if you will support the functional weaknesses within the body, it will allow the body to correct and heal as it was designed to do.  This concept has proven itself time and time again.  Iridology is a wonderful tool to give insight to what some of those weaknesses might be.

Sample Iris Map....


For years, after studying and researching Natural Medicine and Healing the one thing that really intimidated me was bulging and herniated discs.  I would just back up and ask, "What is your doctor saying??". 

In 2003, I ended up with a ruptured disc in my neck between C5 and C6 due to repetitive stress.  Approximately 3 months after diagnosis, an Orthopedic Surgeon showed me on my MRI that my spinal cord was pinched in half and said that if the spinal cord had been compromised another 15% I would be paralyzed.  He was quite concerned, and I was terrified by the thought of surgery.  He agreed to give me more time to heal and put me in a Philadelphia Collar for 3.5 months.  Between the collar, massage therapy, and the B.E.S.T. Technique used by my chiropractor my neck healed.  I ended up going back to work and ruptured another disc, this time between C6 and C7.  The second injury did lead to a couple of epidural injections, continued massage and B.E.S.T. treatments.

A new job became inevitable, and Massage Therapy became my choice.  Although I was not sure I could hold up physically due to the muscle atrophy in my left arm and hand, I hoped to get through the training and the license would serve as an umbrella to practice the other therapies I had learned.  The training was actually very healing for me.  We practiced on each other 2 - 3 times per week on average.  The pain decreased and I was able to regain some muscle in my arm and hand.  I finished my training and hit the ground running.  I felt like a walking testimony to the healing capacity of Massage Therapy and was ready to heal the world.  I do still have some flare ups without any recognizable patterns, and Massage Therapy is where I turn for relief. 

Working in a hospital can be very insightful.  Personally, I don't think I have ever seen anything more heart shattering than a newborn suffering from withdraws.  The tremors, the screams, and the undeniable pain always left me in tears and wondering what would be the long term effects of this kind of start.  A newborn needs to be nurtured and loved during this transition into our often cold and harsh world.  A baby withdrawing from drugs cannot tolerate light, sound, or human touch due to their hypersensitive sensory system.  As a Massage Therapist, it makes total sense that massage therapy would be beneficial to help them recover once they get to the point they could handle it.  

I found a school in New Mexico whose focus is babies with special needs.  The training was intense and the benefits proved to be much more than I ever imagined, for both the baby and the caregiver.  Healthcare in New Mexico recognizes the value of Infant Massage, and it is often recommended by the health care professionals in many situations.  I was confident that if I could learn how to individualize an approach for special needs - it would make the "Well" babies seem easy.  It was all so exciting, but I didn't realize how foreign the concept of infant massage would seem to others once I got home. 

Right away I started seeking volunteers to serve as case studies for my certification process.  I am constantly amazed by the transformations I see with every session and every Mama/Daddy - Baby team I have worked with.  For babies that do not present any issues, massage proves to be "quality time".  The connections that take place between Moms and/or Dads with baby, is so heartwarming.  It is an incredible bonding tool that helps baby learn to relax, while helping the development of the nervous system, the digestive system, circulation, muscle tone, and is noted to help with brain development as well.  The single, most obvious "issue" I have seen the most - has been digestive.  Several babies diagnosed with acid reflux, unable to pass gas, hold down food, or have regular bowel movements. 

So far, each one has had almost immediate relief. There was one we had to work with a little more slowly because she was so distressed.  But every Mom reported back that baby passed gas or had a bowel movement after each massage, and baby was able to thrive with the situation diffused.

Studies have been conducted in hospital NICU's with preemies, and the results have been documented showing greater weight gains and shorter hospital stays with babies who were massaged during their stay.

As a Massage Therapist, I AM qualified to massage babies.  However, with the trust and bonding that is inevitable - I would much rather teach parents and/or caregivers to do it.  The baby will then have the benefit of more frequent massages on an ongoing basis, and parents are empowered with tools to comfort and enhance the development of their little ones.  Once learned, the rest of the children in the family and future babies will benefit as well. 

Changing the world, one baby at a time........

Please note, the baby pictured did not suffer withdraws, but she was a preemie with acid reflux <3


Well, OK then - here we are!  Let's start a blog!  I have actually attempted this before and found it a bit overwhelming, but I am willing to step back out of my comfort zone and attempt it again. I do love to share and teach, so that is what I am hoping to do with this platform.  If anyone has any subject/topic ideas, questions, or any type of suggestions at all, please feel free to contact me.  I'd like to keep it light, informative, and of course fun!!

I am feeling like I need to start by taking a few minutes to take a couple of steps back in time and explain some history of Massage Therapy.  I tend to think many people think of Massage Therapy as a luxury, something rich people do to pamper themselves.  Or maybe something you would indulge in while on vacation or celebrating something special.  Many (if not most) people actually do not realize Massage history actually lands us in the Medical arena.  With documentation dating back as far as 3,000 BC with Egyptian Hieroglyphics, and Chinese written records - both showing Massage Therapy was indeed used in their traditional medical practice.  "Hippocrates", who was known as "The father of modern western medicine" from 460 to 375 BC, also has writings that indicate that he utilized and highly regarded Massage Therapy for healing.

My favorite explanation, which I will repeat as I was told - is how Massage Therapy was used by the doctors in earlier times in our country.  I don't know the exact time frame, but I was told that back in the day it often took several days or even weeks for a doctor to arrive at the home of someone who had fallen ill.  Usually by the time the doctor arrived, the patient was either well, or in very bad shape.  Once a person is bedridden, the body's entire metabolism slows way down.  Back in those days, we did not have the high powered medications, but resorted to herbs, teas, and poultices.  So Massage was used to increase circulation to get the healing properties of the herbs, teas, and poultices to where they were needed.  Doctors eventually passed on the practice of Massage to the nurses, and then as stronger Medicines evolved - massage was utilized less and less in our culture.

While Massage Therapy has definitely been making a comeback in our country, it has always maintained it's value in other countries and cultures, especially in the area of pregnancy and child birth. 

I have frequently told people I have worked with, "just try to imagine what the world would be like if EVERYONE had to have a massage once a month", we really would live on a different planet.  There would be much better attitudes, and less need for many types of medications.  Less stress, better sleep, less pain and discomfort - and I could go on and on....

I hope you have enjoyed my page, and do come back.  Thank you for visiting!

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