Lori is so kind and gentle, a great listener and really makes you comfortable, highly recommend

Thank you for teaching us how to massage our boy! He absolutely loves it and we enjoy the bonding time we get with him. We've seen improvements in his digestive system already and look forward to benefiting from all the great things...

I loved it Lorelei!!... 




Lori is amazing. Twice now her labor stimulation massage had the exact results I wanted.

... We first went to Lori looking for something to help with Remi's reflux, what we got in return from massage was SO much more! Remi's doctor prescribed zantac, but it just wasn't fixing anything. The massages Lori taught me for her tummy put an end to her reflux! It also relaxed baby, which relaxed mommy, and lead to an amazing bond between...

Best massage I've ever had!!!! I have no pain tonight.... first time in a long time and I owe that to you!!!! Thank you soooooo much!!!! 

I had a sharp pain under my arm and immediately thought the worst..Lorelei was able to massage my back and shoulders and the next morning, NO PAIN..

Here's my daughter after a couple minutes of massaging.... we got her tummy relaxed enough for her to release her bowels which she has trouble with daily. (: she's getting better each day that we massage...

Yesterday I got my very first massage! It was AMAZING! I've wanted one for a long time but never took the time to stop and get one. Guys it was SOOOO worth the time. I see my chiro regularly but I still have back pain every night before bed. Last night I went to bed with no pain!

The infant massage class she held gave overnight results. Now as soon as the routine starts my little boy gets so calm and happy, he has been able to burp easily and his lower wind issues are not showing!

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Lorelei Vaughan, LMT, CIMI

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