I am a huge believer that our bodies were designed to heal.  The body will heal itself in many cases, when provided what it needs to do so.  I started studying various aspects of Natural Medicine and Healing over 20 years ago.  I became Certified in Iridology, Master Herbalist, and Four Levels of Reiki.  I trained in Sclerology, Quantum Touch, Essential Oils (including the Raindrop Technique), Meridian Therapy, and EFT.  Since I received my License for Massage Therapy in 2008, I have trained in B.E.S.T.,  Lymphatic Drainage, and Migraine Miracle.  I became Certified in Pregnancy and Postpartum Massage, and Infant Massage Instructor.  I also worked in one of our local hospitals for over 8 ½ years, doing literally hundreds of postpartum massages.  

If someone would have told me 25 years ago that I would be making my living as a Massage Therapist, I would have surely told them they were CRAZY!   This is truly the path God has chosen for me, since I can't imagine ever having chose it for myself.  I do love helping people to feel better.  I love teaching and giving people tools to help themselves and their loved ones.      


My Personal History with Massage Therapy


For years, after studying and researching Natural Medicine and Healing the one thing that really intimidated me was bulging and herniated discs.  I would just back up and ask, "What is your doctor saying??". 

In 2003, I ended up with a ruptured disc in my neck between C5 and C6 due to repetitive stress.  Approximately 3 months after diagnosis, an Orthopedic Surgeon showed me on my MRI that my spinal cord was pinched in half and said that if the spinal cord had been compromised another 15% I would be paralyzed.  He was quite concerned, and I was terrified by the thought of surgery.  He agreed to give me more time to heal and put me in a Philadelphia Collar for 3.5 months.  Between the collar, massage therapy, and the B.E.S.T. Technique used by my chiropractor my neck healed.  I ended up going back to work and ruptured another disc, this time between C6 and C7.  The second injury did lead to a couple of epidural injections, continued massage and B.E.S.T. treatments.

A new job became inevitable, and Massage Therapy became my choice.  Although I was not sure I could hold up physically due to the muscle atrophy in my left arm and hand, I hoped to get through the training and the license would serve as an umbrella to practice the other therapies I had learned.  The training was actually very healing for me.  We practiced on each other 2 - 3 times per week on average.  The pain decreased and I was able to regain some muscle in my arm and hand.  I finished my training and hit the ground running.  I felt like a walking testimony to the healing capacity of Massage Therapy and was ready to heal the world.  I do still have some flare ups without any recognizable patterns, and Massage Therapy is where I turn for relief. 

Timeout for Massage, Therapeutic/Medical Massage
Lorelei Vaughan, MMT, CIMI

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