For years I have said that if anyone ever told me I could only use one supplement and I had to choose which one it would be - I would choose Liquid Chlorophyll (or Chlorophyllin).

Chlorophyll is the green pigment found in plants. It is the molecule that absorbs sunlight and uses its energy to transform carbon dioxide and water into carbohydrates and oxygen. The process is called photosynthesis, and is the basis for sustaining the life processes of all plants. It is what makes green plants green, known as the blood of the plant. Its basic structure is actually very similar to our blood except that the central atom of blood is iron and the central atom in chlorophyll is magnesium.

Chlorophyll is said to increase the quality and the quantity of red blood cells - which can result in better oxygen transportation.

Chlorophyll is found in green vegetables, herbs and algae. Liquid chlorophyll found as supplements is usually obtained from alfalfa, algae, barley grass, blue-green algae (spirulina), or wheat grass.


Chlorophyll is a good source of Magnesium, that effectively alkalizes the body.

It is a powerful antioxidant. The antioxidant properties can lower your risk of certain cancers as well as reduce inflammation which could prove helpful with conditions such as arthritis, etc. The immune system also benefits from the antioxidants found in chlorophyll.

It is one of the most important chelates in nature. It has the ability to bind to toxic heavy metals such as mercury, as well as other known carcinogens and remove them from the body through feces. It also aids the body in destroying and removing germs, as well as prevent the growth of new ones. Therefore acts as a deodorizer.

Chlorophyll also protects us from radiation damages. In one in vitro study, chlorophyllin (a derivative of chlorophyll) reduced DNA damage from ionizing radiation by 90%.

The claimed benefits are as follows:

○ Alkalizing
○ Increased energy
○ Controls body odor and bad breath
○ Controls hunger and cravings
○ Promotes healing (internal and external)
○ Promotes cleansing (binds w/toxic metals)
○ Protects DNA against fried foods and radiation
○ Super potent Antioxidant
○ Known as a Super Food
○ Inhibits candida growth
○ Successful at reducing inflammation
○ Promotes healthy iron levels
○ Excellent dietary supplement

While there are many articles claiming there are no studies to validate the claimed benefits, there are countless testimonies that claim otherwise.

As mentioned before, always do your own research and/or check with your doctor before starting a new supplement or regimen.

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