Rescue Remedy is a Flower Essence combination.

Back in the 1930's Dr Edward Bach determined that the Flower Essences are an effective way of addressing emotions.  Through his studies he found 38 different Flower Essences to address different emotions; like varying degrees of guilt, sorrow, fear, anger, shock, and so on.  Blends are usually personalized, based on a group of questions asked to an individual.  The formulas are usually quite effective; though very subtle. 

Rescue Remedy is one of the pre-mixed blends used to address stress, anxiety, fear, and it often helps take the edge off some pain.  It has been used safely for pets as well to help calm the fear of storms, or travel.  It is made specifically for pets and children as well.

It can be purchased in drops, spray, capsules (pearls), pastilles (candy form), and even cream.

It is a great item to have on hand for emergencies.  And is often used effectively in situations of shock and trauma.  It is a good support for sudden stress, but is not intended for use over an extended period of time.

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Lorelei Vaughan, MMT, CIMI

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