Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is often referred to as tapping or psychological acupressure. 

It has been shown that tapping various points on the body activates the Amygdala in the brain which is associated with the "fight or flight or freeze" response.  It effectively disrupts patterns and acts like a reprogramming of the brain.   

It is used for emotions ranging from general/extreme anxiety to PTSD.  It has also been used successfully for fears, phobias, pain, addictions, weight loss, depression, relationship issues, and even various health issues.  

This technique works by restoring energy balance to the body's energy system via the Meridians.  The Meridians are the body's energy pathways throughout the body, and many points along those pathways have been used for years with acupuncture and other forms of natural healing.  The energy flow through these meridians can impact health positively or negatively.  When the energy is blocked it can impair function of organs, organ systems, cause pain, cause emotional sensitivity or imbalance, and impair the body's ability to heal.  Keeping the meridians cleared greatly enhances the healing within the body.  

EFT is most effective by starting with a guided session.  The average session lasts approximately 1 hour and costs $149.  Results are usually quick and long lasting but do vary with each individual, so continued guided sessions may be necessary depending on the goals.  Clients are taught how to effectively use the procedure on their own, therefore having tools to last a lifetime.

Sessions can be done in person or in a "Zoom" type setting.  Call, Text, or E-mail with any questions or to set up an appointment...

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To watch a short demo go to;   EFT



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