Working in a hospital can be very insightful.  Personally, I don't think I have ever seen anything more heart shattering than a newborn suffering from withdraws.  The tremors, the screams, and the undeniable pain always left me in tears and wondering what would be the long term effects of this kind of start.  A newborn needs to be nurtured and loved during this transition into our often cold and harsh world.  A baby withdrawing from drugs cannot tolerate light, sound, or human touch due to their hypersensitive sensory system.  As a Massage Therapist, it makes total sense that massage therapy would be beneficial to help them recover once they get to the point they could handle it.  

I found a school in New Mexico whose focus is babies with special needs.  The training was intense and the benefits proved to be much more than I ever imagined, for both the baby and the caregiver.  Healthcare in New Mexico recognizes the value of Infant Massage, and it is often recommended by the health care professionals in many situations.  I was confident that if I could learn how to individualize an approach for special needs - it would make the "Well" babies seem easy.  It was all so exciting, but I didn't realize how foreign the concept of infant massage would seem to others once I got home. 

Right away I started seeking volunteers to serve as case studies for my certification process.  I am constantly amazed by the transformations I see with every session and every Mama/Daddy - Baby team I have worked with.  For babies that do not present any issues, massage proves to be "quality time".  The connections that take place between Moms and/or Dads with baby, is so heartwarming.  It is an incredible bonding tool that helps baby learn to relax, while helping the development of the nervous system, the digestive system, circulation, muscle tone, and is noted to help with brain development as well.  The single, most obvious "issue" I have seen the most - has been digestive.  Several babies diagnosed with acid reflux, unable to pass gas, hold down food, or have regular bowel movements. 

So far, each one has had almost immediate relief. There was one we had to work with a little more slowly because she was so distressed.  But every Mom reported back that baby passed gas or had a bowel movement after each massage, and baby was able to thrive with the situation diffused.

Studies have been conducted in hospital NICU's with preemies, and the results have been documented showing greater weight gains and shorter hospital stays with babies who were massaged during their stay.

As a Massage Therapist, I AM qualified to massage babies.  However, with the trust and bonding that is inevitable - I would much rather teach parents and/or caregivers to do it.  The baby will then have the benefit of more frequent massages on an ongoing basis, and parents are empowered with tools to comfort and enhance the development of their little ones.  Once learned, the rest of the children in the family and future babies will benefit as well. 

Changing the world, one baby at a time........

Please note, the baby pictured did not suffer withdraws, but she was a preemie with acid reflux <3


The Gift of Massage

Gift Certificates for Massage make AWESOME gifts, even for those who have never had a massage.

The health and healing benefits of massage have been well documented, even with infant babies.  I am constantly amazed by outcomes.

In the hospital, postpartum massage would often completely change how a new mom was feeling - physically and emotionally. By promoting relaxation, reducing and/or eliminating pain, often times bringing in the breast milk by stimulating and circulating hormones, and speeding up healing overall.

Infant massage has been proven to help infants and caregivers. For babies, massage helps to synchronize the digestive system - which helps with colicky babies.  It also helps to tone muscles, develop the sensory system, promotes relaxation, better sleep, better digestion, and so much more.  While the baby is learning to love massage, they are also developing trust and communication with the caregiver.  For the caregiver, Infant Massage is a tool to comfort and relax the baby.  It also helps with bonding as the trust and communication develop during the Infant Massage process.

There are also those who are caregivers of others who are sick and/or aging.  They definitely deserve the Gift of Massage.  As well as anyone who works hard, or is under a lot of stress, or both.   Massage also helps with many different illnesses and various injuries, often times when nothing else will help.

I think we can all think of someone, or several someones who would benefit from massage.  But truthfully, a lot of people will NOT spend the money on themselves - especially for a first massage.  That is why Gift Certificates make such a GREAT gift!

For the full benefit of total relaxation and a full body massage, 1 hour is best.  The cost of a 1 hour massage is $70.  30 minutes is great for working out specific areas, and postpartum healing.  A 30 minute massage will cost $40.  And, a Gift Certificate for a single session of Infant Massage Instruction is $45.  Gift Certificates can always be purchased for a dollar amount which allows the receiver to decide which service they would prefer, and they would always have the option to upgrade. 

Gift Certificates are great by themselves and fun to add to gift baskets also.

I hope that you will think of Massage Gift Certificates when you are planning to attend a bridal or baby shower, or are planning to give someone a gift who just had a baby.  Or if you just want to do something special for someone you Love....

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Changing the world, one baby at a time......


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